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A hosted or virtual PBX system is a business phone system that is handled completely by your provider on the cloud. This arrangement allows businesses the freedom to not be bogged down by cost or space constraints that come along with on-prem PBX phone systems. Another important advantage it offers is the freedom to customize and integrate calls & SMS with your app, product or website using APIs.

PABX System 



PABX / Intercom System (20 Lines)

50000 Tk ($550)

Master Phone Set

15000 Tk ($170)

Extra Phone Set

3000 Tk ($35)

Installation (Each)

1000 Tk ($12)


Tech Support


Maintenance Fees (Monthly)

8000 Tk ($100)*




Most big organisations have an internal telephone network that is owned by them as opposed to a telephony vendor or service provider. Such internal networks are called telephone PBX systems or the Private Branch Exchange Systems that allow the employees or the users inside the organisation to make calls to one another and to the outside world. This is accomplished by switching calls over a particular number of lines leased from external telephone lines or the PSTN. This helps in cost reduction as compared to having individual lines for every user in the company.